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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

#Bloominginmotion fun fact: MEN DANCE TOO! The world of dance includes men as well! Two giants I celebrate are Harold and Fayard Nicholas aka #TheNicholasBrothers Below, you will find some fun facts about this dynamic duo who tapped their way from the streets of Harlem to va

udeville, and all the way to starring in feature films! They impacted lives around the world!

Fayard Nicholas (1914-2006) Harold Nicholas (1921-2000)

The Nicholas Brothe

rs were a tap-dancing duo whose creativity, excitement, innovative choreography, and fearlessness made them one of the greatest tap-dancing acts of all time. Brothers Fayard and Harold Nicholas combined jazz, ballet, and acrobatics to create what is known as "classical tap." After performing in many vaudeville shows, they appeared in over 30 Broadway musicals. Their acts consisted of acting, singing, and dancing so they were kn

own as triple threats around the world. The best-known act was in the film Stormy Weather. The brothers danced around and through Cab Calloway and the orchestra with their famous split jumps down a flight of stairs.


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